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There are many ways our Certified Technicians can help save your team time & money while providing a level of confidence to know the project will be completed properly. Everytime. No Surprises. More Solutions.

Moving Offices?

We can help. Prepare for your upcoming move with Telecom By Design's 5 Essential Tips for a Successful Office Move.


Wireless Access Point

When you are planning a multi-site or multi-floor WAP / AP Deployments for your Wireless Access Points - we help get it done; quickly, efficiently and on time.

Certified and trained technicians will expeditiously install and configure your access points – providing complete confidence in your network.

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On Hold Messaging

Your telephone system's auto attendant greetings, IVR or voicemail system are often the customer's first line of communication with your business. With professional on-hold messaging and annoucements you can create a positive brand image.


Hosted VoIP is a cost effective form of business VoIP service where the VoIP equipment, servers, and services are hosted by a provider. The VoIP provider manages calls and routes them to and from your IP telephone sets. Ideal for start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses which have limited IT resources and budgets.


Digital & Analog Telephone Solutions

With our experience and knowledge of the marketplace, we know the difference between a well-made product and a fly by night. Your telephone system needs to run stable.

We work with your team to find the best solution for your use.

There are a variety of options and we take you through a series of questions. We put focus on features and budget.


HD Video Conferencing

The high-definition formats provide more visual information than any standard-definition format.

High-definition video conferencing is a two-way, interactive process that transmits audio and video data in real-time, back and forth across a network.