(Power over Ethernet or Power Over Fiber)

Our wireless world isn't exactly wireless. Power and data still need to reach an Access Point for remote users to connect to. As this need increases so does the traffic on cabling infrastructure, putting a strain on networks and increasing the risk of brown outs & power surges. Power Over Fiber or Power Over Ethernet, eliminates the need for separate cabling systems by combining power & data into one cable. Eliminating the need for additional conduit & cabling, while delivering lower voltage power - protecting network equipment from overload, under-powering, or incorrect installation.


Power fiber cable system



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One cable can both power & control fixtures. Keep track of voltage usage, remotely control levels, timers & sequences. From applications in small offices to large manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals or events - the possibilities are endless.

Benefits of Power Over Ethernet



Indoors & Outdoors. Awkward or remote locations - such as the sides of buildings, parking lots or event spaces with limited power sources.



Eliminating the need to run additional power cabling reduces costs as no electrician is required. POE is about as green as you can go - while still maintaining data speeds & power.



Ease of installation. Accomplish moves, changes & add-ons faster & with limited to no down time or delays.



Protect your network from overload, under-powering and power outages with a centralized UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). In the event of a power outage any loss of mains power would mean that the UPS can maintain the integrity of the PoE network.

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